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Product Name:PON Fiber Optic Power Meter PM3212B

  • Model: PM3212B
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T. L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

PM3212B PON Optical Power Meter aims at the FTTx application and maintenance which not only can be used to test and estimate the PON signals at the same time, but also the normal power measurement and fault identification. It is a useful, essential and ideal tool for the construction and maintenance of the PON projects

>  Providing simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths (1490nm, 1550nm&1310nm )
>  Burst mode measurement at 1310nm wavelength
>  Large LCD screen with backlight function.10 minutes Auto-off function
>  Six calibration wavelength available when tested as Normal OPM(850,1300,1310,1490,1550&1625nm)
>  Added VFL Function for quick and efficient fault identificationtml>
>  Data upload via USB cable
>  1000 storage test records
>  10 different threshold sets
>  3 Colors LED light Green, Yellow or Red represent 3 types of signal conditions Pass, Warn or Fail
>  Added User self-calibration function in software which used to calibrate the PON module or set the threshold value
>  Added Factory Default function in software which enable all the customersˇ setting back to the default

PON module:
Model PM3212B
1310 upstream measurement
Pass Zone(nm) 1260~1360
Isolation @1490/1550nm(dB) >40
Measurement Range (dBm) -40~+10
1490nm downstream measurement
Pass Zone(nm) 1470~1505
Isolation @1550nm(dB) >30
Isolation @1310nm(dB) >40
Measurement Range (dBm) -40~+12
1550nm downstream measurement
Pass zone (nm) 1535~1570
Isolation @1490nm(dB) >40
Isolation @1310nm(dB) >40
Measurement Range (dBm) -40~+25
Measurement Accuracy  
Connatural Uncertainty (dB) ±0.5
Linearity (dB) ±0.1
Passing through insertion Loss (dB) <1.5
General Information
Detector Type InGaAs
Optical Connector Interchangeable FC/SC/ST
Fiber Type 9/125um
Display LCD:128*64
Measurement Unit dB/dBm/mW
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Operation Voltage(V) DC 3.3~5.5
Power Supply 3 AA1.5V battery
Continuously Operation time (h) PON Power Meter Mode:90h
Normal Optical Power Meter Mode:100h
VFL Mode:50h
Operation Temperature(℃) -10℃ ~ +60℃
Storage temperature(℃) -25℃ ~ +70℃
Weight 500g
Note: The operation time of the battery are all for the instrument that do not turn on backlight, if the backlight
turn on the operation time will be shorted.
Normal Optical Power Meter Module
Measurement Accuracy
Connatural uncertainty(dB) ±0.25
Linearity(dB) ±0.1
Measurement Range(dBm) -70~+6 or -50~+26
General Information
Measurement Unit dB/dBm
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Calibration Wavelength(nm) 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625
Detector Type InGaAs
Optical Connector FC/SC/ST Interchangeable/2.5 universal adapter
Fiber Type 9/125um
Working Hours (hr) 100 without backlight
VFL Module
Output Power(mW) 1mw

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