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Product Name:Optical Cable Emergency Toolkit FPM-022

  • Model: FPM-022
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T, L/C
  • Packing Detail: standard export package

Detailed introduction:

FPM-022 Optical Cable Emergency Tool kits is composed of most of the essential tools, it is suitable for general usage during the fiber installation and maintenance of fiber networks

> Well-done Casing and Fastness construction
> Complete Configuration
> Portable and Durable

Item list
No. Tool Name Qty Function
1 Fiber Optic stripper(CFS-2) 1 Peeling the coat of the fiber
2 Assembled sleeve wrench 1 Fixing splice closure/terminal box
3 2M Tape Measures 1 Measuring the length of the fiber cable
4 Utility Knife 1 Accessorial tool for peeling the fiber cables
5 Piano wire clamp 1 Nipping the strengthening core of the fiber cables
6 Cross Fiber reamer 1 Peeling the fiber cables
7 Nipper 1 Entwining the fiber cables
8 Scissors 1 Snipping the fiber of the cable
9 Pliers 1 Snipping the steel wire of the fiber cables
10 Acuate clamp 1 Accessorial tool for the splicing
11 Mini Screwdriver 2 Fixing the screws
12 Inner-hexagonal Wrench 1 Fixing the inner hexagonal screws
13 Adjustable Spanner 1 Accessorial tool for the splicing
14 Assembled  Screwdriver 1 Loading and uploading the fiber optic splice closure
15 Alcohol Pump Bottle 1 Cleaning the fiber
16 Mark Pen 1 Marking the fiber
17 Flashlight 1 Lighting at night
18 diagonal cutting pliers 1 Accessorial tool for peeling the fiber cables
19 Voltage test pen 1 Testing the security of the electrical source and electrical wire
20 Loose skinning pliers 1 Peeling the loose of the fiber cables
21 Cleaning Air Ball 1 Blow off dust
22 Carrying Case 1 Containing the above tools

> Optical Cable Emergency condition
> Maintenance in Telecom
> Maintenance CATV
> Other Fiber Optic Measurements
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