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Product Name:House Coax Amplifier WA-600

  • Model: WA-600
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T. L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

WA-600 house coax amplifier, forward path, transistor amplifying, variable ATT (20dB) and variable EQ (18dB), reverse upgrade, 117 dBuV, 47/87-862MHz, 220V or 60V.

Item WA-600 WA-600B
Frequency range forward path 47/87*-862 MHz
return path 5-30/65* MHz
Gain forward path 34 dB**
return path with RP xx-01/RA xx-01 20/-1.5dB
Frequency response** ± 0.5 dB**
Gain adjustment 20 dB
Slope adjustment, typical 18 dB
Maximal output level IMD3=60dB(DIN45004B) 117 dBuV
Maximal output level IMD3=60dB(EN50083-3) 111 dBuV
Maximal output level IMD2=60dB(EN50083-3) 114 dBuV
Input and output return loss*** > 14 dB
Noise figure < 6 dB
Test point attenuation -30 dB
Power consumption local powering 7VA/~198-250V/50Hz  
remote powering - 5 VA/~24-65 V/50Hz
AC pass current(through IN and OUT, switchable) - 0.4 A max
Operating temperature range -20℃÷+50℃
Dimension/Weight(packed) 107x148x53mm/
> HFC network

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