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Product Name:GPON Terminal ONT-21076

  • Model: ONT-21076
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T, L/C
  • Packing Detail: standard export package

Detailed introduction:

FTTX Terminal ONT-21076 is a combination of ONU and CATV receiver. It adopts high performance ONU chipset and low power receiving technology, to meet the FTTH demand. Plug-in optical network unit has 4 100Mbps or 1000Mbps ports or with WIFI; CATV lowest receiver (-15~-5dBm) has 1 76dBuv RF port. It’s panel with ONU work status, CATV receiving power and RF output level indicator. When ONU module works, the receiver data is combined to ONU and managed by SNMP or WEB. Easy operation, reliability
> CATV receiver + ONU structure unique design
> Full set device passed electromagnetic compatibility and security checkup
> ONU supports EPON, 10G EPON or GPON, compatible with prevailing OLT devices
> ONU has 2 or 4 100Mbps or 1000Mbps ports, with WIFI or VOIP
> CATV receiver adopts lowest (-15dBm) receiving, GaAs amplify, optical control AGC76dBuV output
> Easy operation, high reliability
Item Unit 21076/W/V/G 21276/W/G 11076/W/V/G 11276/W/G
Optical characteristic
CATV wavelength nm 1300~1565 1540~1565
ONU wavelength nm 1310/1490
Channel isolation (1490/1550) dB / ≥40 / ≥40
CATV responsibility A/W ≥0.9
CATV power range dBm -5~-18
CATV reflective loss dB ≥50
ONU receiving sensitivity dBm ≥-26.5(EPON、10GEPON)/≥-28(GPON)
ONU transmission power dBm -1~+4(EPON、10GEPON)/0~+6(GPON)
Optical connector / TV or IN:SC/APC,PON:SC/UPC
RF characteristic
Band width/Flatness MHz/dB 47~1000/≤ ±1
Output level dBuv 76 (-5~-15dBm/±1,RF Analog level,digital one -8dB)
Output level adjustment dB 0~10( 1 press -2dB, 2 press-4dB,3 press+6dB, 4 press+4dB),5 press+2dB, 6 press at 0dB),supports remote network management adjustment
Reflective loss dB ≥16(75Ω)
RF output   Metric or Inch (one output)
CNR/MER dB ≥44/34(-9dBm receive,PAL-D 60CH,OMI3.8%)
CTB/CSO/HUM dB ≥65/≥60/≥60(-9dBm receive,nominal output)
Port End user pc 4 (10/100Mbps or10/1001000Mbps)
Power/ Consumption V/W AV155~255V→DC12/5 external
Work/Storage temp. -35~50/ -40~75(humidity 8~80%)
Size mm 130×60×22

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