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Product Name:FWDM 1X2

  • Model: FWDM 1X2
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T, L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

FWDM 1x2 splitter, inputs 1550nm, PON ports 1310/1490nm, common ports 1310.1490/1550nm with SC/APC connector, 0.9mm, stainless steel tube. Other type on your demand.

● Wide bandwidth                         
● Low insertion loss                      
● High channel isolation
● Exceptional reliability and stability

Item Unit Parameters
Pass Port (C-P)
Central Wavelength p nm 1550
Wavelength Range nm 1540~1560
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.6
Flatness dB ≤0.4
Isolation @λR dB ≥30
Reflect Port (C-R)
Central Wavelength R nm 1310&1490
Wavelength Range nm 1260~1360,1480~1500
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.60
Flatness dB ≤0.25
Isolation @λP dB ≥15
Directivity dB ≥50
Optical Return Loss dB ≥50
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤0.1
PMD ps ≤0.1
Thermal Stability dB/℃ ≤0.005
Optical Power mW ≤500
Tensile Load N ≥5
Operating Temperature -5 to +70
Storage Temperature -40 to +85
Connector Type   Com/1550:SC/APC,1310/1490:SC/UPC
Fiber type   SMF-28e
Package dimension mm φ5.5*L38mm

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