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Product Name:Compressed air cleaner bottle FOC-R3

  • Model: FOC-R3
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T, L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

Compressed air cleaner bottle also called” air brush”, especially suitable for those where normal dust removal method is invalid, it can remove dust, fiber debris, metal ions and other pollutants from high precision electronic, optical instrument surface quickly and safely.

Item Value
Capacity 200ml, 227g(net)
Size ɸ67*188mm
Working temperature -20 ~ +50℃
Storage temperature -30 ~ +60℃
Ambient humidity 20%至80%

> Optical equipment, connector, optical instrument, intelligent device, electronic tester anti-dust maintenance
> Dust removal softly, safe and without any damage and Freon

 Hold and keep the bottle upright, 5-10CM from cleaning material, pull out actuator upper fuse, press actuator fast and frequently to purge. Unreachable parts , please use extension pipe

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