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Product Name:CT-05A Cleaver

  • Model: CT-05A
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T. L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

Fujikura is pleased to announce that we release CT-05 series cleaver globally Oct. 2012. The CT-05 series is an inexpensive alternative to CT-30, specialty designed for single fiber cleaving. It has easy operation, clean and tidy surface and precision cleave performance. 
>  Applicable fiber: Silicon fiber
>  Fiber count: One
>  Cleave diameter: 125μm
>  Coating diameter: 0.25~0.9mm
>  Cleave Angle: 0.5°
>  Blade life: 48,000 times
>  Size:72W×82D×42H(mm) 
>  Weight: 180g
>  Small cleave protector, easy for carrying
Description CT-05 CT-05A
Applicable fiber  Conventional silica optical fiber
Fiber count  Single fiber 
Bare fiber diameter  125 μm
Fiber placing  Fiber holder Fiber plate AD-10 
Coating diameter 250 to 900μm
Cleave length  10 mm 5 to 20 mm (coating diameter = 250 μm)
10 to 20 mm (coating diameter > 250 μm)
Cleave angle  Average 1.0 degree or less (single mode fiber) 
Blade life  48,000 fibers (1,000 fibers x 3 heights x 16 positions)
Dimensions  113.5(W) x 82(D) x 42(H) mm (Including fiber scrap collector)
Weight  225 g

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