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Product Name:10G SFP module SFP-10G-10

  • Model: SFP-10G-10
  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Payment Term: T/T. L/C
  • Packing Detail: Standard package

Detailed introduction:

SFP-10G-10 SFP module, SM, dual fiber, 10G, SFP+, 1310nm, 10km, LC/PC

> 10Gb/s serial optical interface compliant to 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR
1310m DFB transmitter, PIN photo detector
Up to 10km transmission distanace on SMF
Duplex LC connector
Metal enclosure, low EMI
Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8431
Specifications for 10Gigabit "SFP+"
2-wire interface compliant for management
Specificatios compliant with SFF 8472
Single 3.3v power supply
Power consumption <1.5W
Case operating temperature range: -5 to 70℃
RoHS Compliant   

Item Specification
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Storage Temperature TS -40 +85 °C
Case Operating Temperature TA 0 70 °C
Maximum Supply Voltage Vcc -0.5 4 V
Relative Humidity RH 0 85 %
Operating Temperature TOP -40 85
Electrical characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 3.135   3.465 V
Supply Current Icc     500 mA
Power Consumption P     1.5 W
Input differential impedance Rin   3.3   Ω
Tx Input Single Ended DCVoltage Tolerance (Ref VeeT) V -0.3 70 4 V
Differential input voltage swing Vin,pp 180 - 700 mV
Transmit Disable Voltage VD 2 - Vcc V
Transmit Enable Voltage VEN Vee - Vee+0.8 V
Single Ended Output Voltage Tolerance V -0.3   4 V
Rx Output Diff Voltage Vo 300   850 mV
Rx Output Rise and Fall Time Tr/Tf 30     ps
LOS Fault VLOS fault 2   VccHOST V
LOS Normal VLOS norm Vee   Vee+0.8 V
Optical Parameters
Center Wavelength λt 1530 1550 1565 nm
spectral width △λ     0.3 nm
Average Optical Power Pavg 0   +5 dBm
Optical Power OMA Poma -2.1     dBm
Laser Off Power Poff     -30 dBm
Extinction Ratio ER 6     dB
Transmitter Dispersion Penalty TDP     3.0 dB
Relative Intensity Noise Rin     -128 dB/Hz
Optical Return Loss Tolerance   21     dB
Center Wavelength λr 1260   1600 nm
Receiver Sensitivity Sen     -23 dBm
Stressed Sensitivity (OMA) SenST     -21 dBm
Los Assert LOSA -35   - dBm
Los Dessert LOSD     -24 dBm
Los Hysteresis LOSH 0.5     dB
Overload Sat -7     dBm
Receiver Reflectance Rrx     -26 dB

      * Note: TOP = 0 to 70°C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts

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