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Nombre del Producto:FTTH Super mini receiver OR1000

  • Modelo: OR1000
  • Precio: T/T, L/C
  • Condición de Pago: negotiable
  • Paquete: Standard package

Información detallada:

OR1000 is a newly designed novelty receiver for special demand in CATV industry. It realizes cable analog/digital signal to end users through plug and play operation without any power supply. It adopts high sensitivity optical receiving tube, when receiving at -9dBm, analog level at 50dBuv (digital level 40-42dBuv), no power, consumption, economic, flexible, especially for remote use. OR1000 for multiple wavelength, while OR1000D for 1550 receiving.

> E/O converter, working time more than 150,000hours
> F metric, Inch, Female, F plug, RF output interface optional
> Low receiving power, single or multiple wavelength, plug & play
> No power supply, zero consumption, save and energy

ITEM Unit OR1000 OR1000D
Optical Working wavelength (nm) 1200/1600 1540~1565
Channel Isolation (dB) / ≥22
Responsivity (A/W) ≥0.85/≥0.9
Receiving power (dB) +6~-9(recommend -1~-4)
Reflection Loss (dB) ≥50
Connector   SC/APC或SC/UPC(recommend SC/APC)
RF Bandwidth/Flatness MHz/dB 47-1000/≤±1
Output Signal level dBuv 90±1/(+2~-10dBm)
output level dB 66(0dBm receiving)-48(-9dBm receiving)
Reflection loss dB ≥14(75Ω)
RF output port   F metric, Inch, Female, F plug, RF
CNR/MER dB ≥44/≥32(NTSC80CH,OMI3.8%,-9dBm)
CTB/CSO/HUM dB ≥70/≥66/≥60(-3dBm/60dBuv时)
Other Power supply V/W External AC155~255V→DC12,/5
Work/Storage Temp. -30~55/-40~75 (Humidity 5~90%)
Size mm 50×15×12

> FTTx system
> PON network
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