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Nombre del Producto: FC-6S high precision cleaver

  • Modelo: FC-6S
  • Precio: Negotiable
  • Condición de Pago: T/T. L/C
  • Paquete: Standard package

Información detallada:

The FC-6S high precision cleaver is designed for field use alongside the Sumitomo splicing units. By using a rotating blade for multiple scoring positions enables a blade life of 48,000 cleaves with a cleave angle better than 0.5 degrees. The unit is constructed to be robust and field serviceable and has options such as tripod mount to enable secure platform mounting. The FC-6S is the latest cleaver . Integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.

> latest Sumitomo cleaver 
> high precision cleaver 
> Blade life 36,000fibers 
> fiber cleave
Applicable fiber Φ0.25 & 0.9mm & access cable 
Applicable bare fiber 125µm
Fiber type Single fiber
Cleaved length 5~20mm (Φ0.25mm)
5~12mm(access cable)
5~20mm( Φ0.9mm )
Cleaved angle ≤0.5°
blade life 36,000cleaves
Dimension 63mm(W)*76mm(D)*63mm(H)
Weight 380g

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