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Optical patch cord application in Cloud computation? (2)

As Server virtualization, cloud computation development and network integration bring a much faster and efficiency data center improvement. To meet broad bandwidth requirement, fiber optical cable manufacturers reach a good opportunity.

40G/100G data transmission devices connection need special type to enable correspondence between transmitter and receiver whereas MTP/MPO connector reaching that target. Multimode MPO / MTP fiber patch cord is more economic than other types. Single mode MPO / MTP mainly for long distance while MPO / MTP haul one for data center. They're normally used in high density data center, FTTH and with coupler, 40G/100G QSFP+ 、SFP+ and other utilities. Fortunately, some customer tailored MPO/MTP optical cord, circulator and QSFP accessories.

Generally, MPO / MTP optical patch cord outer diameter at 3mm or 4.5mm terminated by MPO / MTP fiber optic connectors. To meet broad bandwidth requirement, customer uses high density QSFP+ high speed cable connection so as to increases each channel data transmission rate and port density.

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