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Optical patch cord application in Cloud computation?

Optical patch cord is widely used in data center that requires big broad bandwidth. It researches network bandwidth potential by adopting new generation of optical fiber and module.

Boosting by cloud computation network media application, the Multimode fiber is also improving, from OM1 to OM2 and OM3 to OM4 using VCSEL laser optimization technology along with bandwidth improvement. Since new category OM4 optical patch cord meets EIA/TIA492 AAAD standard, it provides a better transmission method by multimode fiber optical cable manufacturer. The article is going to offer an ideal communication solution for data center, server, network switch, telecom switching center and many other applications. Especially in 40G/100G data transmission port devices, e.g: QSFP module.As 40G/100G data transmission devices connection need special type to enable correspondence between transmitter and receiver whereas MTP/MPO connector reaching that target.

MPO / MTP optical patch cord provides various application in 100G network and equipment. It adopts multimode fiber optic connector MT series design, UPC and APC surface working in Single mode and multimode. Accompany with VCSEL and LED light source, 10G OM3 /OM4 MPO / MTP patch cord offering a transmission speed at 10Gbps which is 5 times to normal 50um ones.

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