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How to distinguish YEDFA amplifier with PON combiner or not

Fiber optic cable manufacutre is a supplier offering different fiber optical products, such as external modulation transmitter, direct modulation 1550, 1310nm transmitter, EDFA / YEDFA,  optical receiver from MINI one ouput to multi-outputs ones, GPON OLT, ODN, ONU, PLC splitter, fusion splicer, test instruments, optical passive items, media converter, 10G+ SFP module, Laser diode, coax amplifier, RF connectors and consumable supplies.

YEDFA is a big output power amplifiber,  and further it's EDFA conbiner with OLT, PON ports too. For better distingushing, please note an important signal "C" which stands for PON application. Giving some example for reference:
YEDFA151620 = YEDFA, 1550nm wavelenngth, 16 ports with 20dBm/port. 

YEDFA151620C = YEDFA, 1550nm wavelenngth input, 16 ports 1310/1490nm inpurts and 16 ports 1310/1490/1550nm outputs with 20dBm/port. 

Apart from this item, fiber optical pigtail, optical patch cord, fiber optical adaptor, in general, all items need to be confirmed clearly before order.

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