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Female-male SC-LC adaptor ready to sell

The optical fiber adapter (is named flange plate) is the optical fiber flexible jumper docking connection part. This serial products great variety of goods, including FC, SC, ST, LC widely uses in the optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), the fiber optic communications equipment, measuring appliance and so on, the stable property is reliable.

>  Stable capability and high reliability
>  Precise connecting
>  Outstanding Mechanical characters
>  Human-centered Design
>  Precision phosphor bronze or zirconia sleeve
>  Material such as Nickel plated brass body, Kirksite, Plastic could be optional


Hybrid Female to Female Fiber Optic Adapter
  Data Unit
Insertion Lose ≤0.5 dB
Interchangeability ≤0.5 dB
Repeatability(500 times) ≤0.5 dB
Operating Temperature -10℃~+75
Storage Temperature -40~+75

>  CATV system Networks and Data communication Networks
>  Local Area Networks and Telecommunication Networks

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