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Basic knowledge of NON-cross cabinet (1)

NON cross cabinet is a an upgraded device to tranditional type from fiber optic cable supplier China. Let's talk on its basic composition and its usage. Normally, it's maked with main SMC frame, base, support holder, roiling tray, splice tray, LGX PLC splitter, spiice passby cassette. It's compact size, easy operation (front operation) and light in weight compared to classic model.

The capacity can be added easily as its modular type, since there is bunch or 12 color ribbon pigtail with fiber optic adaptor availabe. One splice tray needs 1pcs pigtail from where it needs at least 12pcs tails seperately. Connectivity and distribution by LGX PLC splitter maximize the capacity much, space saved.

More knowledge to cross cabinet will be provided next week. Coreoptic, the reliable fiber optic manufacturer  is willing to support you business and have the ability to. 

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